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Hi. My name is John Rendell. I am your Democratic candidate that will take on Ken Ivory for Utah House District 47.

As a long time West Jordan resident, I am dismayed that all we hear about our current Representative seems to center around abuses of power and his betrayal of of his oath of office.



As your representative I will fight for:


Fair and Reasonable Representation

Ken Ivory, our current Representative seems to only be known for one thing - proposing legislation that enriches himself and his family.  There are several allegations of fraud and calls for investigations leveled against Ken:  


"Utah 'snake oil salesman' Rep. Ken Ivory accused of fraud for hitting up counties in three states for public land fight donations" - Salt Lake Tribute June 1, 2015


"Utah Lawmaker Accused of 'Illegal Scheme' To Seize America's Public Lands" - Climate Progress June 2, 2015.


Arches National Park.  (c) National Park. (c)

Public Lands

Our public lands and parks are at the center of $14 Million dollar challenge to 'take them back'.   I will not support any legislation or message bills that are futile attempts to ruin or sell off our beautiful public lands.




Our teachers need the support of our legislature.  They should be treated as professionals, not vilified.  Our children deserve better.

We voted down vouchers in the past and I will not stand for tax credits or any other scheme that diverts money from Public Education.




While TRAX has expanded into West Jordan, the cost of a one way trip is almost as expensive as driving a car.

Bus service has been reduced leaving no real way to get around our city.

I will work to make sure we have reliable and convenient transportation for our district.



What has Ken Ivory done for us?

Over the years I have not backed away from taking on the most egregious Republican who failed to represent us and our values.  In 2008 I ran a very media heavy campaign and came within a few percentage points of defeating notorious Senator Chris Buttars in one of the heaviest Republican leaning districts in the Salt Lake City valley.

I ask you for your support in taking on this exciting challenge.


John Rendell

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